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Are you ready to supercharge your health? 

Gaining incredible health is no easy task. It’s even harder today when we hear about a new diet or training technique that promises amazing results. You’re tired of trying to figure out what to believe and know what will work for you. Take a moment to learn what inspires Appollon to serve their clients. 

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We know how frustrating it can be and how one-size-fits all cookie cutter approaches to health are not the answer.

We believe each person is unique and has the power to take action to regain their youth. They need a personalized strategy mapped out to reach peak health.

It starts by understanding what to eat, which supplements to take, how much sleep to get, and what workout is best for you.

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I was meant to help others become the best version of themselves

Hi I'm Pete, Head Coach and Co-Founder of Appollon!  I’m at my best when i am serving others and seeing them achieve their goals. It truly is a calling and a blessing. So, I hope to be able to bring 30 years of coaching experience to you and help you become young again.
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I believe that your genes don't define your fate and that anyone can take control of their health

Hi I'm Dr. Bacc! I'm a board certified anti-aging doctor at Westchester Wellness Medicine and have been a practicing medical doctor for over 30 years. I've partnered with Appollon to help adults feel amazing and be in their best health ever.

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I believe that if you can build a physique that makes you confident in yourself, you can do anything

Hi I'm Jill, CEO and Co-Founder of Appollon! I'm on a mission to help people love how they look and be in the best health of their life to truly live life on their terms. 

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