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Sick of using age as an excuse for not be able to do everything you want? We help physically active adults look and feel amazing.

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Here's What You Get When You Sign Up For Coaching

1.) 6 Months of Coaching with Coach Pete (26 Virtual Sessions)

It can feel overwhelming to take your health to the next level all on your own. There's No Such Thing As a "One Size Fits All"  Plan. That's why you'll get to meet with Pete once a week to take a deep dive into The Appollon Five Pillars and put them to work for you. 


We know that questions are going to come up throughout the week. Not sure what to buy in the grocery store? Not sure if you're doing the workout the right way? You don't have to wait until your coaching session to ask Pete a question. Just shoot him a text. We've got your back every step of the way. 

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2.) Three Medical Consults with Dr. Baccellieri, Board Certified in Anti-Aging Medicine

You start by meeting virtually or in person with Dr. Baccallieri to understand your goals and health history. Then, he'll order a **comprehensive blood test that takes place in the comfort of your home or office. This blood test measures your health on a much deeper level than a blood test from a general physician.

Review the results with Dr. Baccallieri and Coach Pete. Together, they'll provide you with personalized recommendations to help you achieve your goals and take your health to the next level.

Work with Coach Pete to implement the recommendations based on the results of your blood test.

Approximately 4-6 months later, measure your progress with another blood test and consultation with Dr. Baccallieri. 


Treating disease is expensive. It'll cost you this every year...

  • Diabetes $16,752
  • Cancer $16,346
  • Dementia $25,213
  • Cardiovascular disease $18,953 
  • Post-stroke rehabilitation $17,081


You don't have to wait until it's too late. Research shows that you can lower your risk of these diseases. Your personalized coaching plan with Coach Pete and Dr. Baccallieri is designed to lower your potential risk of being diagnosed with diabetes, dementia, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and stroke.


**The blood test is not covered in the cost of coaching. The blood test will be covered 100% by your private health insurance. For US residents only.

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3.) Daily Workouts to Increase Muscle Mass, Decrease Fat, Increase Energy and Prevent Disease

You no longer have to wonder why your hard work in the gym has stopped paying off. You'll get a program that's customized to fitting into your busy life and that gets you results. 

You’ll see your body get leaner and discover muscles you didn’t know existed. You’ll have the confidence to say, “If I can do this, I can do anything.”

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4.) Unlimited Access to the Unstoppable Health Course 

In the Unstoppable Health course, you'll have on-demand access to equip yourself with the most cost-effective strategies to master your health. You'll learn how to:

  • Lose Fat and Increase Muscle Mass
  • Reduce Muscle and Joint Pain
  • Increase Energy
  • Improve Your Sleep
  • Look & Feel Younger
  • Improve Mental Focus
  • Accelerate Recovery
  • Boost Your Immune System
  • Add Years to Your Life
  • Improve and Increase Libido 
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5.) One Curated Box of Supplements Delivered to You. Scientifically Proven To Aid in Anti-Aging

It can feel overwhelming trying to figure out which supplements to take and which manufacturers produce high quality supplements. We've spent hundreds of hours researching the best and most cost-effective supplements in the market so you don't have to. 

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6.) Healthy and Delicious Recipes In 20 Minutes Or Less

Who has time to spend hours cooking and cleaning!? Healthy food doesn't have to compromise on taste. Cooking a healthy and  delicious meal will be quick and easy when you follow the Appollon recipes in the Unstoppable Health course. No fancy cooking skills required! 

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7.) Increase Your Energy and Aid Your Workout Recovery with a Customized Macronutrient and Nutrition Plan

What should I eat? How much should I eat? Are Carbs bad? These questions get answered and more. The greatest workout program in the world can be undermined by improper nutrition. Set yourself up for success with an Appollon coach on your team.

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