How I Got Here

I had zero strength training knowledge before I met Pete. Now that he has helped me transform my health and physique, I want to help everyone have a body and the health that makes them feel unstoppable

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Where it All Started...

From elementary school through my 20s, I had zero self confidence. I was miserable. I hated how I looked and hated my body. I had  a fixed mindset of "there's nothing I can do about it" and "This is just who I am I have to accept it."

I started to go to the gym when I was 27, but I had no idea what I was doing. I followed free workouts online and went to CrossFit classes, but I felt like my strength and fitness level plateaued. 

One day I discovered Coach Pete in the gym training some athletes. I saw how he engaged his clients to perform at their highest level and immediately knew that I wanted him to coach me.

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Why Was This Important?

I went from lacking confidence and strength to becoming the healthiest, fittest, and strongest I've ever been in my life.

This new confidence shifted how I showed up in my life outside the gym.

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The Problem I Solve

People are looking for a solution that works for them. They don't know what information to believe or who to trust.

My mission is for everyone to be able to transform their health and physique with the same kind of personalized coaching experience Pete provided for me.

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